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Only by one touch, you can easily switch the systems between Windows and Android.

Infrared touch technology provides incredible accuracy and smooth handwriting

Full HD screen, LED backlight offers a brighter display and lower power consumption

The stronger brushed aluminum Alloy Frame, the higher stability

Dual Systems Interactive Flat Panel Display can be applied in education, business, military, government and other field.


l Interactive touch function

Julong Touch LED TV has an interactive touch capabilities, embedded Julong high-speed infrared touch screen, after connected with the computer, it can be controlled the computer with specific application software, to achieve interactive applications.

l Multi-touch function

Julong Touchable LED TV built-in Julong touch screen with the multi-touch functions (2/4/8 points) under Windows 7 Operating system; enabling the objects (such as pictures, PDF, PPT etc.,) to zoom, drag, rotate and other functions.

l Free calibration function

Julong Touch LED TV built-in Julong touch screen to supports for free calibration function, users can plug and play (the factory set is Windows 7 multi-touch mode).

l High-quality LED screen

High brightness, high contrast, figure shows with point by point, color optimization, motion picture and still image quality improvement function, true to the perfect picture.

l Digital multimedia broadcasting function

With plugging USB 1.1 & USB2.0 standard equipment, it can browse images, watch movies, listen to music etc.

l Multimedia function

Julong Touch LED TV has a VGA port, can be used as computer monitor, but also with HDMI, USB, component input, audio output with a variety of external devices.

l Remote and mouse function

Julong Touch LED TV can be optional remote & mouse function with distance, everything can under the control. (Optional function)

l The touch response speed ups to 300 dots.

High-speed touch screen, writing perfect track restore and responsive.

l Three touch modes can be selected

According different environments, there are three touch modes can be selected: single touch mode, mouse mode, multi-touch mode.

65'' Dual Systems Windows+ Android OS Interactive Flat Panel Display


Our touch LCD/LED Touch Screen/Monitor/Frame TV are widely used in education, audio vidio display, business for teaching, conferencing, video playing , multimedia center, meeting, presentation, gaming, government, business, advertising, displaying, querying and commanding industries and so on.

On a product:70'' Dual Systems Windows+ Android OS Interactive Flat Panel Display