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Optical imaging is one of the most recent developments in touch technology. Due to its competitive pricing, fast response time, and scalability, it has become one of the most popular technologies for large displays. Julong Optical Sensing Whiteboard support at least two points touch, even if fingers and other objects can be used to touch and write. With 2 pens operating at the same time, users such as teacher and student, student and student, trainer and audience can write or draw together, enjoy the real cooperation between each other and achieve a more interactive environment. Plus, 2-pen operation can enable students to deliver their ideas on the board simultaneously without waiting, and improve the class efficiency.



Key Feature

Size: 84” /93’’

Multi touch and gestures control support

Finger or any other non-transparent object to operate

Low glare and electronic-free surface, surface damage won’t affect usage.

Lower power consumption, USB powered, more safety.

Model: T84B(C), T93B(C)


84‘’/93‘’ Optical Whiteboard



       Classroom teaching & learning: Create an interactive teach-and-learn environment delivering multimedia materials to the whole group, thus giving a stronger sense of involvement to the students and improving their understanding and knowledge retention.

       Corporate training: Deliver your presentations in a new and stimulating way which enhances the attention & understanding of the audience. 


             Effective communication in the meeting

             Interactive communication in demo

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