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 IPBOARD Powerful Function

1、      Control All By Touching

You can directly do any operations with finger on the whiteboard; all operations on the whiteboard will be reflected and recorded in the PC simultaneously.


2、      Make Presentation Outstanding

You can insert pictures, videos, and other office files, make annotation to highlight information, and save new ideas in the original format. 

     3、  Powerful Draw Functions

    Geography recognition, Histogram, Pie Chart, a variety of pens, erasers and Geometrics for your choice to make teaching more interesting and convenient.


4、      Auxiliary Teaching Tools

Without any training, you can easily zoom in/out, rotate, move an object, cover the screen and call the tools such as Ruler, Protractor, Compass. 

     5、  Interactive Teaching

     With 2 or more pens operating simultaneously, users such as teacher and student, trainer and audience can write or draw together, enjoy a real cooperation.


     6、  Distance Meeting

     You can establish an on-line conference or education, and present PPT, voice and video simultaneously at different places.


IPBAORD Software

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