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JULONG Launched its Touch Screen TV at CES 2015

Date:2015-01-09 Label:深圳巨龙 Source:管理员


JULONG Launched its Touch Screen TV at CES 2015

At CES 2015 in Las Vegas, JULONG launched its new products Touch Screen TV and Interactive Table, which are received warmly welcome from buyers around the world.

Interactive Flat Panel Display, which is integrated with LED display , IR touch technology, PC and IPBOARD software developed by Julong, has provided a new solution for teaching whiteboard and office meeting, and make your presentation, Speech, Teaching and training much more excellent. Also, it can be easily installed and save your space.

Interactive table sets multi touch technology into the desktop, which make team work and cooperation realized intuited and convenient.

Julong’s booth design is beautiful and fascinating, which is catered to American house design, and integrated with USA native characteristic, makes America buyer estate intimacy.

When the customer saw our dual system(Android + Windows) product, they can’t help but wonder “Amazing”. By the way, the Studio West and Google Video interview us, and shoot how wonderful our products are.

Our booth number is 21654, in North 1 hall, LVCC. A large power of customers passed by our booth, and they competed to experience our new products. The exhibition has achieved great results.


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