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117th Canton Fair:IFPD is the Future

Date:2015-04-20 Label:深圳巨龙 Source:Admin

117th Canton Fair:IFPD is the Future

On April 15, the world-famous Canton Fair in Guangzhou began. Julong, as the world's leading educational equipment and solutions provider, began its show in the region A 4.1 brand exhibition hall, causing great concern from a number of buyers from Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Latin America and other regions.

The Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) has become the focus in Julong’s booth. The 70’’ and 84’’ Interactive Flat Panel Displays were shown in the front of the booth. When you come close to the Julong, you will learn that how the IFPD works and how convenient it makes your presentation. Just like one of Julong’s customers said, “The Interactive Flat Panel Display is the Future”. Now, more and more IFDP equipments are used in Classroom and Office for teaching, training or meeting instead of interactive whiteboard.

During the fair, Julong announced world’s First Dual System(Windows & Android) IFPD. It surly attracted large number of buyer. You can easily switch the system as you need.

Julong has invested in the IFPD industry more than five years, and has independent team responsible for research, development & manufacturing of IFPD products due to the market confidence. And now we have obtained a number of leading technology patents, and successfully finished lots of state projects around the world. Moreover, we have developed IPBOARD TOUCH Software for the IFPD products, which is the first in the market. Now we provide different sizes such as 42’’, 55’’,60’’, 65’’, 70’’, 84’’ 4k models.


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