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JULONG in ISTE 2015: Touch Panel enhances student learning

Date:2015-07-01 Label:ISTE Source:admin

As technological advances and their impact on our world continue to accelerate, the true potential of digital age tools for transforming education has become a hot topic. In ISTE 2015, Touch Panels has become the focus on classroom equipments, white the traditional interactive whiteboards are less shown in the show. However, JULONG is one of the leading company specialized in Touch Panels for many years. And we have lots of professional engineers in this area, obtained at least 5 innovation patens in China.

Julong touch panel is combined with OPS computer, LED screen, touch frame and touch software. Teachers can do their presentations on their screen, and insert videos, pictures or music to make their lessons much more interesting and acceptable. Julong touch soft ware based on the teaching practices, and support Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android systems. So whatever you need, you can use technologies to enhance student learning.

Julong’s touch panel also could deal with all kinds of environments in school. Brushed aluminum alloy frame make it stronger and durable. LED screen is provided by LG, and can be used for a few years, while tempered glass can help protect the LED screen. So we can see that our touch panel is welcomed by schools and districts.


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