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118th Canton Fair:IFPD is the Focus

Date:2015-10-20 Label:julong, IFPD, Canton Fair Source:julong


118th Canton FairIFPD is the Focus

The world-famous Canton Fair began On September 15th in Guangzhou. Julong shows its new design and innovation on the Interactive Flat Panel Display products in the region A 4.1 brand exhibition hall. Since 1998, Julong has started the R&D on the educational equipments and solutions. The newest technology showed by JULONG caused great concerns from a number of buyers from Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Latin America and other regions.


The Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) are still the focus in the display and TV area in Hall 4.1. Once you go across Julong’s booth, the 70’’ and 84’’ Interactive Flat Panel Displays would catch your eyes at the first glimpse you saw it . Then come close to the Julong, you will learn that how the IFPD works and how convenient it makes your presentation. Just like one of Julong’s customers said, “The Interactive Flat Panel Display is the Future”. Nowadays, lots of schools are familiar with IWB, but after using Interactive Flat Panel Display, they becomes the most fervent advocates of this product, Interactive Flat Panel Display not only simplify the teaching measures, but also make the installation of educational equipments easy , it integrates TV, PC and Touch Panel to be an All in one machine, and once you get it from factory and put in your office or classroom, it works, no need any extra parts, no need to spend 3-4 hours on installing and adjusting the projector, just hang it on the wall and connect the power then it works,Interactive Flat Panel Display is the mainstream, and hopefully Julong will be the survival soil of the IFPD, but it needs our mutual endeavor .


During the fair, Julong announced all sizes of IFPDs can support Dual Operation System(Windows & Android), which can easily switched by only one button to transfer to each system freely, at the same time, Julong pushout ID Class Solution for Smart classroom, that can connect IFPD with any IOS & Android phones and tablets for educational purpose, it magnified the interactive function of IFPD , and make the interact of teachers and students more smart and convenient.


Julong has invested in the IFPD industry more than five years, has independent team responsible for research, development & manufacturing of IFPD products, and has built a new Julong Hi-tech industry Park for manufacture due to the market confidence. And now we have obtained a number of leading technology patents, and successfully finished lots of state projects around the world. Moreover, we have developed IPBOARD TOUCH Software for the IFPD products, which is the first in the IFPD market. Now we provide different sizes such as 42’’, 55’’,60’’, 65’’, 70’’, 84’’ 4k models.

The world is progressing,and the education is Informationlized ,which gives birth to many high-tech educational enterprises including Julong ,and also gives a chance to investors from all over the world , Join Julong, Let’s cooperate and make a difference.


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